Your one-stop defense against any IT disaster

Think of us as your life-support during a disaster or IT disruption. Our HIPAA compliant hybrid solution assures you almost zero downtime and negligible data loss to recuperate from any IT eventuality.


What can SurMD’s Disaster Recovery solution do for you?


           Achieve HIPAA compliance on your data storage requirements

           Minimize downtime through instant and full recovery of data – guaranteed
           by Service Level Agreement (SLA)

           Protect your data through automated & encrypted backups on an ongoing basis

           Provide remote access to all your data on-demand

           Save on infrastructure costs with unlimited HIPAA compliant cloud storage expansion

           Customize your Disaster Recovery plan as per your data priorities and eventualities

           Attain peace of mind with 24/7 failover support


  • I already have a disaster recovery plan using online backups and off-site tape.

    Data backup and disaster recovery are not exactly the same. For one thing, your data backup application might fail to backup the most recent data, making it harder to minimize downtime and get back in business in a timely manner. Offsite tapes are even worse as they might get lost and take forever to restore all your data.

  • We have everything we need to support disaster recovery in-house.

    Although an in-house disaster recovery solution provides you with tighter control, it may not be cost-effective, provide best recovery times, or may even fail due to lack of resources. According to an IDC study, companies that used in-house disaster recovery spent 32% more than those opting to outsource.

  • My PACS company already provides offsite storage so there is no need for a separate disaster recovery plan.

    Disaster recovery is not meant to be compared with storage.  We truly work with you and are your partner in case of a disaster.  What you are really paying for is minimal downtime, full data restoration, and compliance with HIPAA. You don’t have to change anything with your current PACS provider.  We can work around without programming their systems or configurations.

Don’t have a Disaster Recovery plan yet? You may be violating HIPAA rules.

Our hybrid cloud DR solution offers a combination of local data backup for your most relevant data and off-site replication for long-term storage of all your data, thereby assuring faster recovery times with negligible data loss. In addition, all your data is fully protected with our hacker-proof algorithms both in transit and at rest.


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Automated DR w/ Instant Recovery


SurMD offers SLA’s assuring industry’s best Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) based on service level. Our hybrid solution can guarantee faster recovery with negligible data loss (1 – 5 mins on average).

Achieve HIPAA Compliance


Accomplish appropriate compliance with HIPAA requirements through comprehensive Data Backup, Disaster Recovery, and Emergency Mode Operation plans accommodating both ordinary and cataclysmic events.

Customized Recovery Plans


SurMD’s healthcare exclusive disaster recovery cloud is tailored to meet your IT needs ensuring minimal disruptions to your existing data flow. We specialize in offering a flexible solution to optimize your data storage and retention needs.

Guaranteed Cost Savings


Maximize IT dollars without having to maintain a secondary site. Get access to unlimited storage and pay for what you need today, while being able to scale easily without server expansion as your data usage grows.

Hacker-proof Data Protection


Our unmatched cloud encryption methods use unique non-deterministic encryption keys to encrypt your data. Protect your critical applications while maintaining 100% patient privacy and regulatory compliance.

On-going Backup & Remote Access


Create a replica of your production environment in a secure way while data is automatically backed up whenever there is new data and not just once a day. If a disaster strikes, you will always have a copy of the data backed up a few minutes ago. Remotely access all your data on demand through the Internet.


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