SurMDTM Partnership Opportunities

SurDoc Corp, provider of next-generation secure cloud solutions that exceed HIPAA requirements, powers SurMD's cloud infrastructure. SurDoc has filed over 100 technology patents on its award-winning cloud platform that reduces hardware costs in half while still maintaining best-in-class security and reliability. Over 10 million users currently use SurDoc's platform worldwide.

SurMD works closely with its partners and developers worldwide to deliver value-added solutions. We provide the most secure and the most economical HIPAA compliant cloud solution in the industry. We have an experienced engineering team to support special projects. We are eager to work with our partners and developers and are open to various types of collaborations. We would love to talk to you to learn more about your specific interests.

Technology Partners

If you are looking to expand your services to include HIPAA-certified cloud enabled solutions, then you've come to the right place. We provide customization and integration to maximize your value proposition to your customers.

Channel Partners

Earn a commission for reselling our products. We have different programs depending on the level of your commitment. We offer the highest commission in the industry for win-win collaboration and will provide you with all the necessary tools and support you need to excel.


We provide SDK, APIs, and secure communication protocols to ensure easy and fast integration.

Please contact us at to setup a meeting with us so that we can discuss further.