Unmatched Medical Data Protection on a Small Practice Budget

Have you sent patient information via email or text or have you saved patient data on a laptop or a thumb drive? You could be at risk for a HIPAA violation and a costly fine.

Let Us Help:

  • Fulfill regulatory requirements by ensuring HIPAA compliance while preserving your medical data for long-term use. We assume all liability in data transfer and storage.
  • Guarantee access to patient data from anywhere, office, home, hospital, or vacation.
  • Ensure patient safety through best-in-class data protection with automated backup available at industry low pricing.
  • Improve patient care by eliminating inefficiencies such as duplicate tests and delayed access to external medical exams.
  • Reduce administrative and overhead costs by replacing fax & CDs to exchange patient data.

Think this will be too expensive or too disruptive for your practice?

Think again, many of our solutions are economical, even large offices can store large amounts of data for a nominal fee. Additionally, setup is easy with no hardware installation. Normally, we can upload your records in minutes with no disruption to you or your staff.